Residential Hurricane Claim

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Our client was an elderly gentleman who lived alone in Port Charlotte and was stuck in his home during Hurricane Ian. Winds up to 150 miles per hour were recorded in the area of his home. An entire portion of his roof was ripped off of his residence, leaving him in fear of his life. The home was a near total loss. He suffered a loss to all of the contents of his home and was forced to seek living arrangements elsewhere because the home was unlivable. All of these losses were covered by his policy.

A claim was immediately opened with his insurance company. Over 30 days later, his insurer paid him only $72,034.65 despite his home needing an estimated $265,000.00 in repairs. His insurer then began a pattern of harassment and requests for thousands of pages of documents, including irrelevant personal financial information. Our firm was hired to assist him.

The pattern of harassment continued, but after fighting through it for our client and threatening legal action, we secured an additional $170,992.65 for our client, which included full payment of the remaining amount available on his $200,000.00 policy limit for repair expenses.