Residential Hurricane Claim

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Jimenez Legal Collection
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Our clients, a law enforcement family in Cape Coral, Florida suffered catastrophic losses to their residence as a result of Hurricane Ian. Their home was in the direct path of the center of the Category 5 hurricane. A claim was immediately opened with their insurance company. About one week later, the insurance company issued only $7,051.77 in payment. Disgruntled, our clients tried to fight the decision, believing their claim value was in excess of $180,000.00. Three months later, a second (and “final”) payment of only $11,771.34 was issued.

Our firm was hired at this point. Papers were filed with the State of Florida alleging bad faith insurance claim handling practices, and a lawsuit was filed against the insurance company. Just eight months later, our office recovered an additional $160,000.00 for our clients, resulting in a near full claim recovery on their behalf.