Condominium Claims

Our office is experienced with many forms of disputes arising from obligations under condominium by-laws, declarations of condominium, and Florida’s condominium statutes. This typically involves a unit owner needing to pursue legal action against their association for the association’s failures resulting in damage to the unit. These claims may also be directed at neighboring unit owners whose failures to maintain their unit cause damage to adjoining units.

We can assist with:

  1. Disputes with association board
  2. Water Damage from plumbing of roof leaks, or damage from other sources, either from Common Elements, Association Property, or individual unit owner property
  3. Claims against neighbors
  4. Claims with unit owner’s own insurance company
  5. Mold

Condominium associations are often quick to deny wrongdoing and slow to solve problems. Our experienced attorneys can expedite your resolution process and relieve you of the burden of having to communicate with your association.