Construction Defects

If you are an owner of residential or commercial property who paid a contractor or construction company for work but it was not completed satisfactorily and/or resulted in new damage to the building, you are entitled to pursue a claim for damages due to negligent construction. This includes claims against your main contractor or construction company and their subcontractors.

Our office has assisted clients with forms of defective construction including:

      Failed Roof Installation

      Failed Window Installation

      Failed Solar Panel Installation

Forms of damages collectible in such claims may include:

  1. Future construction expense
  2. Refund of contract price
  3. Diminished value of property
  4. Suffering/anguish
  5. Punitive damages
  6. Attorney fees

Presenting such claims requires specific statutory procedures that our lawyers can assist you with. If you experience faulty construction performance, consult with a member of our team before engaging further with the contractor.